Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cat therapy

After years of longing for a cat and a visit to the cat cafe 2 weeks ago . . . I threw caution to the wind, consulted Kijiji for cats needing rehoming and . . . picke up Abby on Sunday. It was quite the trek through small towns and concession roads to find her, but we eventually did and she is sweet, affectionate, and chatty. I'm not sure I can handle the chatty part after my many years of silence . . . but I welcome the affection and the company, particularly as E heads to Australia for two weeks on Wednesday.

Having an Asperger's spouse means you have to find many other ways of finding happiness.

I started reading When Breath Becomes Air last night and I realize that I must make my life my own and not wallow in resentment and frustration and stagnation. I've been feeling so down about everything, but . . . I have to move myself on, even if I stay in this marriage. There has to be a way to return to who I am and become my best self, even without my husband's attentive support.

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